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Apr 27, 2016
Warren & Baerg Selected SBA 2016 Exporter of the Year

Jan 19, 2016
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Bermuda Grass Mix

Mar 26, 2014
Warren & Baerg Introduces the Model G2100-26-400 Horizontal Grinder

May 10, 2013
Warren & Baerg Introduces the Model MSB6-20-O Metering-Surge Bin for Biomass Materials

Apr 10, 2013
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Bagasse Material for Renewable Fuel

Apr 09, 2013
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Sage for Biomass Fuel




Warren & Baerg was established in 1966 and have been in the Cubing/Densification/Pelleting, Agricultural Grinding, and Biomass Grinding industries for many years.  Since that time, we have gained valuable technical experience in processing various materials and set up equipment systems worldwide.


Warren & Baerg designs, manufactures, and installs various cubing and grinding systems for the agriculture, industrial waste, and biomass industries.


Warren & Baerg also provides other services and they are listed as follows:

  • Engineering, 3D, Auto Cad
  • Modeling up all types of floor plans and equipment layouts
  • Solving equipment needs:  Dryers, Pellet Mills, new and used Densification equipment, Material Handling equipment
  • Machine work – Shafts, Sprockets, etc.
  • Repair and refit all types of machinery and farm equipment
  • Fabrication of custom equipment
  • Equipment installation of all types
  • Provides spare parts for equipment manufactured

Warren & Baerg prides ourselves with our expertise based on our years of experience handling agricultural, industrial waste, and biomass materials.  We have a dedicated staff who will work for you and provide you with the Best Equipment and Service you need.


If you have any questions or wish to contact us regarding the various services provided, please give us a call at 559-591-6790 or email us at info@warrenbaerg.com.






Contact Telephone +1-559-591-6790 / Contact Email: info@warrenbaerg.com


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