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Apr 27, 2016
Warren & Baerg Selected SBA 2016 Exporter of the Year

Jan 19, 2016
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Bermuda Grass Mix

Mar 26, 2014
Warren & Baerg Introduces the Model G2100-26-400 Horizontal Grinder

May 10, 2013
Warren & Baerg Introduces the Model MSB6-20-O Metering-Surge Bin for Biomass Materials

Apr 10, 2013
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Bagasse Material for Renewable Fuel

Apr 09, 2013
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Sage for Biomass Fuel

Inquiry Questionnaire - Waste Materials

In order to provide complete information, please complete entire questionnaire.

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Incoming Material Is:
Loose Baled Industrial Residential SEGREGATED 
Describe materials, percentage and moisture content of each:
% moisture content
% moisture content
% moisture content
% moisture content
Type Of Processing Equipment In Front Of Proposed Cubing System:
Picking Line Trommel Screen Magnetic Separators Disc Screen Shredder Slow Speed Eddy Current Other 
What Other Equipment Is Available Or Being Considered For The Facility?
Installed in Existing Building:Yes No
Dimensions and architectural features that need to be considered when designing equipment layout
Production tons/hour: Operating Schedule:
How Will Finished Cubes Be Handled:
Fuel Presently Being Used:
Wood Waste Ag Waste Coal Fluff Waste Other 
Where Will Fuel Be Used:
Cogeneration Plant Public Utility Steam Generation Other 
End User Will Be:
Type Boiler: Present BTU Value: ">/ Pound
Current Fuel Size:
3/8" 3/4" 1 1/4" Pulverized - Size 
Current Fuel Consumption: Tons Per Hour
Present Fuel Cost: Ton
Approximate Project Beginning:
3 months 6 months 9 months 1 year longer 


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