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Apr 27, 2016
Warren & Baerg Selected SBA 2016 Exporter of the Year

Jan 19, 2016
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Bermuda Grass Mix

Mar 26, 2014
Warren & Baerg Introduces the Model G2100-26-400 Horizontal Grinder

May 10, 2013
Warren & Baerg Introduces the Model MSB6-20-O Metering-Surge Bin for Biomass Materials

Apr 10, 2013
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Bagasse Material for Renewable Fuel

Apr 09, 2013
NEW Video of W&B Cubing Sage for Biomass Fuel


The range of cubing systems we manufacture can convert many loose, low-density materials into a dense alternative fuel that is economical to transport and efficient to burn. Non-recyclable (low market value) papers, newsprint, poly coated or waxed cardboard, pre-consumer industrial fiber wastes, wood processing and manufacturing wastes, and post consumer combustible fiber wastes can all be processed through our Model 250 or 250W Cubers at rates of 1 to 8 tons per hour. Secondary additives such as paper mill short fibers (sludge), coal fines, and PET coke can be added to form a blended fuel.
  Installation of Cubing Systems

aracteristics of the fuel cubes are similar to those of coal or hog fuel, they can be used in mindustrial boilers along with their other fuels.

Waste Cubes - High Plastic


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