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Apr 27, 2016
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Heated Die System

 Heated Die Panel    Cuber & Heated Dies


It’s great to have a good memory – unless you are trying to reshape the plastics in your waste stream into a densified form – CUBED ENERGY . Warren & Baerg has an answer for you – HEATED DIES.

With our HEATED DIES you can have a higher overall moisture content in your infeed materials that can help. But what is really important is the amount of plastic – particularly film plastic – you can now process into CUBED ENERGY. The heat sears the outside of the cubes, giving you a higher quality fuel that is easier to handle and transport. And of course, more plastic means a higher BTU value for fuel.
Like our standard dies, the HEATED DIES can be changed and maintained easily and individually.
Each heater is an independent unit that can be replaced in a few simple steps.  
  • Run them part of the time or all of the time – whatever you need.
  • Heating Elements divided into 4 zones. 
  • Control provide independent temperature adjustments to each zone.
  • 66 Heating Elements and 5 Thermocouples
  • If you already have a Model 250 Cuber, it is easy to add HEATED DIES and increase your cubing options. 
  • Process more film and other plastics into CUBED ENERGY - and keep them out of the landfill. 
  • Increase the BTU value of your CUBED ENERGY.
Heated Die
Standard Die

 * Moisture



 * Plastic Content by Volume

30% & above

10% maximum

 * Die Temperature

280-350º F

150-190º F

 * Dwell Time in Dies

10 seconds

5.5 seconds

 * Cube Surface Temperature

190-280º F

120-170º F

 * Typical Fuel BTU


6,800 – 7,500







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